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Hospitales de Escombros
Proyecta Memoria Foundation
Patricio Mora and Claudina De Gyves

"Patricio Mora, Executive Director of the Proyecta Memoria Foundation, visited Oaxaca after the September 2017 earthquakes through an invitation from the Alfredo Harp Helú Oaxaca Foundation and the Casa de la Ciudad. During said visit, he carried out various activities, including a conference and workshop on the protection, conservation, and recycling of the destroyed architectural heritage, as well as a visit to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec to share his experience and advise residents and authorities. One of the initiatives promoted during his visit was that of the Rubble Hospitals, which refers to the creation of public or private spaces for the protection of construction waste. Its objective is to safeguard, clean, and classify materials to be reused in reconstruction actions and as elements of symbolic repair of memory."

- Claudina De Gyves Mendoza


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Cooperacion Comunitaria

"Following the earthquakes of 2017, Cooperacion Comunitaria responded to the call of the Ixtepecan Committee for the Defense of Life and Territory to propose and implement a social and comprehensive reconstruction process with the population of Ciudad Ixtepec, Oaxaca. The project was carried out in eight cities, but it was there that we carried out a comprehensive project that included reconstruction of houses, an analysis of territorial and environmental risk, environmental care, reactivation of productive activities, and the reconstruction of a collective space to through an educational and participatory program."

- Cooperación Comunitaria

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Cooperacion Comunitaria
Una Mano Para Oaxaca
Reflections on Post-Earthquake Recovery in Oaxaca, Mexico After the 2017 Earthquakes

"Una Mano para Oaxaca was born on September 8, 2017 through the desire to support the area affected by earthquakes at the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. At this stage, we rebuilt traditional bread ovens in 14 communities in Oaxaca.


Revitalizing knowledge is the key to reforming cultural roots and the social fabric. This is how our community center was born, where productive and healing workshops are held. To continue with the process of revaluing the Zapotec culture, we began a social route of murals inspired by traditional crafts and alternative projects through the recovery of spaces."

- Una Mano para Oaxaca

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